OK this my first fanfiction so please don't. Judge it I'm still learning how to do this and I don't own 6teen at all

It was a cold December day and the heating wasn't working well at the Galleria Mall. Everyone was lined up to get coffee and mostly everyone had a blanket around their bodies even Jason and Joanie were'nt making out and sucking faces. Jonesy came through the front doors at the main enterance of the mall. Since Nikki left a year ago he's changed alot since he's not the same womanizer he was. He made a promise to a purple hair girl so that he was gonna stay faithful to her. As Jonesy was making his way to coffee shop knowing his friends would be there, he was looking at the khaki barn where she used to work. He bumped into a beautiful girl. She had the same color purple as Nikki only a bit longer and her body figure too. She had only a nose ring. And a earing on her left upper ear, she was wearing jeans fur boots over the jeans a long white sleved shirt with a black scarf. "Sorry I didn't see you there my bad" "no its OK we all make mistakes just watch where you're going Casanova " Jonesy was puzzled only Nikki called him Casanova "I'm sorry but you look familiar do we know each other?" "Maybe you look like someone I used to know" "what's your name Casanova?" "Jonesy Garcia" "jonesy!!!???" Its me Nikki! "Nikki? What the?". .

OK not my best work but I'm getting there and I did this on my phone:(

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