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Everyone from the 6teen gang go to total drama for money so they can pay off a dept on the Mall's stores that Jonsey had destroyed by a car prank gone wrong. They are promised to get 2 million dollars for a one day challenge. They soon found out this was not worth it. When Jude see's Chris, he is suspicious because of their "similar looks". While the rest of the gang does the challenges as Jude follows Chris around. After many challenges they do the final one, when they soon find out that Chris is just trying to make another season and take the money away. Jen and Nikki get themselves hurt as they go to the infirmery but then sneak out and take the money and take everyone to Chris's personal jet. Jude is left behind and him and Chris get to know each other better. Jude convinces Chris to not press charges, after that Jude finds out that Chris was his uncle twice removed and is stoked to visit him again.