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This is a list of music—"featured," mentioned, or otherwise—from the comedy-drama fanfiction series 7teen by Jupiter Queen. The genres of the music most definitely vary and some songs can be listed under several different episodes. Generally, however, the soundtrack to 7teen will remain within the genres (and subgenres) of alternative, pop, electronic, and hip-hop.

If you would like to hear a song, there will be links to the tracks via YouTube or SoundCloud. Also, the songs that are explicit will be marked as such for those who are sensitive about that sort of thing.

Season One

Music from "One Year, Another Summer"

  1. Boys by Sky Ferreira (from "Night Time, My Time")
  2. No Better by Lorde (from "Pure Heroine (Extended)")
  3. New in Town by Little Boots (from "Hands")
  4. 212 by Azealia Banks and Lazy Jay (from "1991 – EP") [Explicit]
  5. Me Plus One by Annie (from "Anniemal")
  6. Last Night by Niki & The Dove (from "Instinct")
  7. Happy with Me by HOLYCHILD (from "MINDSPEAK – EP")

Music from "Meddle"

  1. I Like You by Katy B (from “Little Red”)
  2. I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me by Annie (from “All Night – EP”)
  3. Meddle by Little Boots (from “Hands")

Music from "From the Runway with Love"

  1. You’re in Love by Betty Who (from “The Movement – EP”)
  2. Power Trip by J. Cole and Miguel (from "Born Sinner") [Explicit]
  3. Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds (from “Electra Heart”) [Explicit]
  4. Van Vogue by Azealia Banks and Machinedrum (from “1991 – EP”) [Explicit]
  5. Turquoise by Kilo Kish (from “K+”)
  6. Rumour by Chlöe Howl (from “Rumour – EP”)

Music from "The Love Club"

  1. The Love Club by Lorde (from “The Love Club – EP” and “Pure Heroine (Extended)”)
  2. Lost in My Bedroom by Sky Ferreira (from “Ghost – EP”)
  3. Closer by Tegan and Sara (from “Heartthrob”)
  4. Hypocrates by Marina and the Diamonds (from “Electra Heart”)

Music from "Rolling Down the Hills"

  1. Rolling Down the Hills by Glass Candy (from “B/E/A/T/B/O/X”)
  2. I Think I’m Paranoid by Garbage (from “Version 2.0”)
  3. Professional Suicide by Ladyhawke (from “Ladyhawke”)
  4. 24 Hours by Sky Ferreira (from “Night Time, My Time”)
  5. Falling by HAIM (from “Days Are Gone”)

Music from "Controversy"

  1. Television by Natalia Kills (from "Trouble") [Explicit]
  2. Digital Witness by St. Vincent (from "St. Vincent")
  3. Hanging on the Telephone by Blondie (from "Parallel Lines")
  4. Fri-end by Kate Nash (from “Girl Talk”)
  5. Controversy by Natalia Kills (from “Trouble”) [Explicit]
  6. Haters Anonymous by Sky Ferreira (from “As If! – EP”)
  7. URL Badman by Lily Allen (from "Sheezus") [Explicit]
  8. Rumour by Chlöe Howl (from “Rumour – EP”)
  9. Cherry Pickin by Kate Nash (from “Girl Talk”)
  10. Complaint Department by Lykke Li (from “Youth Novels”)
  11. Are You Satisfied? by Marina and the Diamonds (from “The Family Jewels”)
  12. Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds (from “The Family Jewels”)

Music from "Just Another Saturday Night"