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These are a list of 6teen fanon episodes. Each season contains 26 episodes. A total of 145 episodes were produced spanning 6 seasons.

Season 5 (2014-2015)[]

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
94 Nikki's Return: Part 1 Nikki returns to the mall happy because she has not talked to any of her friends since she talked to Jonesy about their relationship. But when she gets back to everyone else she sees that they're different. Jonesy's lady mojo has been crushed, Jen has been very off her game and is not showing up at work and started acting what Nikki acted like, Wyatt can't make any songs and is always asleep because he dosen't drink coffee anymore, Jude's mellow is harshed 24/7 and is a bad boy, and Caitlin's shopping abilities are gone and can't get any boys to fall for her. Nikki is scared that her friends are different because of her and is now wondering if they will ever change. November 6, 2014
95 Nikki's Return: Part 2 November 6, 2014
96 The Khaki Boy Jonsey feels he'll never get a job, so he decides to apply at the Khaki Barn. A few days after the employment, the store is having a competition to see who should be assistant manager. The contest is called the Khaki Boss! So far, Crissy & Jonesy are winning, while the two other Clones are right behind them, and Nikki's in last. Jonesy wins, becoming the best person in the mall. Nikki feels that Jonesy is cheating on her because everyone likes him, and wants to do something about it.Meanwhile, Jude's job as a zambonie driver makes Ron the Rent a Cop wanna get rid of Jude for good. So Ron sends a complaint to the head office saying Jude is doing a crappy job a the zambonie. This gets Jude fired, and banned from the mall forever! Later, Nikki wants to stay with Jonesy, so they come up with a plan. Like on the episode "The Almost Graduate," Jonesy pantses himself again, and gets fired. Jonesy & Nikki are back together again. The gang realize Jude was banned from the mall, and wanna do something about it. Will Jude come back to the mall? November 6, 2014
97 The Return of Stick-It The Stick-it reopens. Jude tries to get re-hired, but Ron won't let him because he remembers how awful he treated it and Jonsey becomes the new employee, which makes Jude jealous. Meanwhile, Wyatt is feeling a little depressed because it is the one year anniversary since he broke up with Serena. Caitlin and Nikki start to feel sorry for Wyatt and they try to cheer him up by doing everything he likes, but everything reminds him of Serena. Then, Wyatt sees Serena talking with Chad and she's telling him all the stupid stuff that Wyatt did. This makes Wyatt mad and he realizes that he was better off without her. Jude is so mad at Jonsey for stealing his "dream job" at Stick-it that he won't even speak to him. Jonsey feels rotten for what he did, so he tries to convince Ron to give Jude the job, but Ron gives him a big fat no and he calls Jude a loser. Jonsey gets furious at what Ron says and quits his job at Stick-it. He then tells Jude what he did and apologizes for taking the job. Jude forgives Jonsey and they become friends again. November 6, 2014
98 Chick-Napped A group of thugs come into the mall and kidnap Caitlin. The others see this happen and tell Ron, but he thinks that they're just pulling a prank on him and he refuses to help them. The gang decides to rescue Caitlin themseleves. They notice some muddy footprints on the floor which belonged to one of the thugs and they follow them to the mall's basement. Meanwhile, The thugs have Caitlin tied to a chair in a small room. Caitlin asks them what they want and they tell her that they know that her dad is one of the richest men in town and they also know that she knows his bank account number. They then order Caitlin to give them the number, but she refuses to tell them. The thugs try everything to make Caitlin talk, from tickling her feet to threating to lite her purse on fire. The gang then bursts into the room and have a huge fight with the thugs. Ron sees this fight going on, on one of the security cameras in his office, and he realizes that the gang was telling the truth. He then goes down to the basement and arrests the thugs. He also apologizes to the gang for not believeing them. They forgive Ron and say that they're just glad that Caitlin's okay. November 6, 2014
99 Can't Cooke, Won't Cooke The Big Squeeze begins to sell, as well as beverages, lemon themed food stuff. But one problem, Caitlin can't cook. So she asks Jonesy for help. Jude is angry at them, because he thinks he was more qualifyed, because he worked at Stick-It for a year, while Jonesy has only worked at any store for one day. And also Caitlin makes a bet with Tricia that her cooking was better. Jonesy is then fired from The Big Squeeze because he gives Caitlin pointers on how to cook.

Meanwhile, Jen has a tough time talking to Wyatt after Burger McFlipsters is closed down because of the complaint she filed.

November 6, 2014
100 Your Secret's Safe With Me...Maybe... Caitlin gets mad at Jen and tells Nikki all of these bad things about her and tells her to keep them all a secret. But when Nikki is hanging out with Jen, all of the rotten mean stuff Caitlin said accidentily comes out! Jonesy and Wyatt watch a scary movie and are scared. Everything they see, they think it is the "monster" from the movie. Meanwhile, Jude gets back together with Starr. November 13, 2014
101 Like Father....Like Daughter Jen starts to act excatly like Jonesy's father which makes everybody else start to worry. Caitlin gets Tricia banned from the mall forever when she tricks Tricia into stealing a woman's purse. Wyatt is out of a job after the complait Jen filed and now is forced to work at wonder taco. (The only place that would take him). November 20, 2014
102 Uncertain Future The gang wonders if they'll always be as close as they are now and what will happen after high school. It takes place 15 years in the future to show us what they have all grown up to be Caitlin, a fashion executive, Jen a professional snowboarder, Nikki a travel agent, Wyatt a writer, and Jonesy and Jude would be in business. It also shows that ultimately they would remain as close as they are now and there lives would still interact with each other. November 27, 2014
103 To The Max After Jude breaks up with Starr, he finds himself falling in love with another skater named Max. Later, he finds that she likes the same things he does. Soon after, about 2 weeks Jude's love for Max starts to grow and she starts to him too. When Jude introduces her to the others, Max becomes part of the group. But when Starr sees Jude and Max kissing, she starts to get jealous. Just then Starr and Max get into a fight and Jude breaks it up. He tells Starr that they were done and that he is dating Max now. Then he takes Max's hand and walks off, then he tells Max that no one should ever hurt her then she laughs and smiles. Then Jude gives Max a kiss. December 4, 2014
104 I Don't Love Nikki One day, while walking through the mall, Nikki trips over a can of hair spray on the ground and pulls down Jonesy's pants, revealing his underwear. Later that evening, Nikki trips over a chair leg and spills her food all over Jonesy's face. The next morning, Stanely hits Nikki in the back with his tennis balls and Nikki pushes Jonesy into the water fountain. Later that afternoon, Nikki spills her drink, causing Jonesy to slide across the food court, into a pile of dirty gym clothes. Jonesy suddenly gets on his last nerve with Nikki, which leads Nikki to assume that Jonesy will break up with her. Meanwhile, Jude and Wyatt date the same girl without the other one knowing. Jen and Caitlin try to convince Jonesy to not break up with Nikki; which Jonesy decides not to and then Nikki and Jonesy get back together. December 11, 2014
105 How The Rent-A-Cop Got His Mall Back Jude and Jonsey have been going overboard with pranks lately, and Ron can't keep up with it, so he decides to get an assistant, again. No one wants to be his assistant since he's too strict, and Ron tries to cool down and be laid back. Trouble ensues when this happens, because Jonsey is the first to find out about it, and spreads the word, causing everyone to destroy the mall in their own way, and Ron decides it's time to give up on a job that will never work for him. When Wyatt over hears Ron in his office talking to his boss, saying he's throwing in the towel, Wyatt tries to make Jonsey feel guilty about what he's done and wants him to get Ron his job back. Jonsey tries to talk Ron into taking his job back, but this time he quits, it's for real. Reluctantly, Jonsey confesses a prank he's been saving for a rainy day, and uses it to get Ron his job back, this prank involves everything in the mall, and is very dangerous, Jonsey and the gang think it's time to unleash it, and he puts his prank into action. Once it happens, Ron hears about it, and just tries to forget about it and let someone else take care of it. When no other mall cop will come to the rescue, Ron knows he must find a way to stop the prank, which will get him his job back. Jonsey says that it's too good to give up the secret to the prank, so he won't tell Ron, but Nikki eventually gets the secret out of him and rushes to stop it. Jonsey tries to catch up to Nikki, who is half way to Ron's office, Jonsey tries everything he can to slow her down, but nothing works, Nikki finally reaches Ron's office, only to discover he isn't there. She runs back to the lemon and tells the rest of the gang the secret and to tell Ron if they find him, because if they don't, they may not have a mall to hang out at anymore. Caitlin decides to stay back at the food court, in case he comes looking for them, which he does. Caitlin tells Ron the secret to the prank, which is the key to stopping it. Ron runs all the way to the other end of the mall, to where all this started, and finally stops it, only to find out half the mall is in shambles. Ron gets back on the mall force, and will give everyone in the gang a free pass to do whatever they want, and Jonsey already used up his, when he made the prank to get Ron back. January 7, 2015
106 Haunted Mall Some monster or ghost is terrising the mall and scarry the hell out of everybody. But is it really a monster or ghost? It is up to Jonsey, Nikki, Jen, Wyatt, Jude, and Catlin to solve this mystery. February 12, 2015
107 A New Leaf After losing a bet with Darth, Jonesy is forced attend a scifi convention with him. His friends tell him to just bear with it, because it's only one for weekend. But imagine their surprise when Jonesy returns with a new attitude and incredible skill with a lightsaber. That one convention has caused him to accept and embrace his inner geek. He's taken up a full time job at the Stereo Shack, now attends meetings with Darth's Jedi Knight club, and has somehow managed to put his womanizing, skirt chasing ways behind him. Can his friends turn him back to the Jonesy they know and (sometimes) love? February 14, 2015
108 Sweetest Ride Jonsey gets a job at a car dealership and gives away free cars to everyone. Jen gets fired and tries to find a new job with Caitlin, but then she got re-hired. March 5, 2015
109 The Love of Reality The mall is hosting a reality show called, "You Are What You Eat". The winner gets a year supply of the mystery item. March 12, 2015
110 Just Another Day At The Office Nikki becomes the "before" girl for The Khaki Barn. Jonsey hands out loans at the bank. Jen tries to make money so she can go to Whistler.  March 19, 2015
111 Nikki's Revenge When Nikki is driven insane by the gang and The Clones, she takes pictures of all of them making funny faces in the gym, and her and Darth put the pictures on the big screen at the mall. She then feels sorry for everyone after they don't leave their houses for 8 days, so she has Darth take a picture of her pretty face and puts it on the big screen. April 4, 2015
112 Dude, Where's My Car? April 5, 2015
113 Paging Dr. Jonesy April 6, 2015
114 For The First Time, You Won't Get Fired Jonesy gets a job as a hockey player and the gang expects him to get fired soon. But when he becomes more famous and famous the gang starts to get worried about him. Jude dresses up as Jonesy and does the hockey game that Jonesy couldn't do, telling the coach there was a change of plans and does horrible, firing Jonesy. Later, the coach finds out it was Jude and Jonesy becomes the player of the month.  April 7, 2015
115 Oh Say Can Jude See Jude needs eye surgery so he goes to the eye docter in the galleria mall. Once again Jonsey gets a new job, he works as a barber. Caitlin quits the lemon and wants to work at the galeria mall theme park so that she can find another boyfriend. April 8, 2015
116 Jonesy's Big Break Jonesy finds out there is a Galaria Mall Hockey Team. He immeidiently tries out and has the best score in it. Also Wyatt makes Goalie Position. Caitlin and Jude spend the day together because Serena fired Caitlin, and Jude hired a boy named Duke that Caitlin has a crush on after failing badly with a boy named Kenneth. Jen is sick and thinks everyone is having the best day of there lives. Nikki has finally made enough money to go traveling and quits the barn. Later does she find out the Barn runs out of bussinus because she left.  May 6, 2015
117 The Bad News Jen finds out that Ben was dating another girl after they broke up so she stops going to his baseball games, hanging out with him, etc. Caitlin and Jude try to cheer her up by taking her on a shopping spree, giving her an make over, etc. Wyatt and Jonesy are travling from mall to mall for there Hockey games. Nikki finds out that Jude's first kiss was really with Jonesy from all of Stick-It's video takes that Jude forgot to take from the Arcade. Also it is accidently shown over the mall for payback to Jonesy about working for Lydia, working at the Khaki Barn, and telling Roger she liked him.  May 13, 2015
118 Caitlin In Wonderland Caitlin sneaks on the Mall Hockey Bus with Jonesy. Wyatt broke his arm so he's done with Hockey. Caitlin thinks that every boy on the bus is cute so she starts asking them all out. She finally gets a date the 5th one she asked. It was suprisingly Duke the boy she liked from the arcade. Meanwhile Jude and Nikki compete over a trip that Jen won for 2 people. Jonesy gets fired because of Caitlin, but there was only 3 games left of the season so he didn't take it seriously. Darth and Julie have a fight over how Wyatt broke his arm. Julie said Darth hit it with his life saver, and Darth said Julie bumped into him and he fell on it down the escolater.  May 20, 2015
119 Im In Love With Who? Jude is done with Starr and other girls like her. So he decides to get a girl who enjoys sports just like him and wont keep changing her personality. one of his close friends come to mind. Jen. But will he have the guts to ask her out?

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May 27, 2015

Season 6 (2015-2016)[]

#' Title Brief Summary Airdate
120 Jen Gets Fired Jonsey, Jude, and Wyatt get Jen fired from the Penalty Box for taking Coach Halders most prized posetion and putting it on Jens backpack. Jude, Caitlin, and Wyatt try to help her get her job back but it really makes things for the worse. Jen than gets a new job at Sports Galore and is premoted to Assistant Manager in less than a day. Coach Halder than realizes that it was actually a candy bar put on Jen's bag that looked like the prized posetion, and it was really Charlie Dobbs bag. He sends Caitlin and Wyatt to try to get her to come back to the Penalty Box but Jen doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, Nikki replaces Chrissy as Manager of the Khaki Barn because she is in Bombay for 2 weeks. June 25, 2015
121 6teen: The Movie: Part 1 Jonsey and Nikki go farther in there friendship by thinking about being with each other forever while Caitlin gets banned from the mall for shoplifting. July 30, 2015
122 6teen: The Movie: Part 2 Jude bumps into Star and than Star turns back into her real self and Jude asks her out. Meanwhile Wyatt and Kylie start dating. July 30, 2015
123 Dude In Love All his friends have dates and relationships all the time. Jude is starting to feel left out, if not inexperienced. So when he catches the eye of the cute comic book store girl, he falls hard and fast. August 8, 2015
124 Did You Cop A Feel? Jen has a important question to ask Caitlin concerning their group hug with Wyatt a week previous. Their friendship grows even more deeper - and Jonesy finds himself in the dog house. August 9, 2015
125 A New Duo Caitlin, Wyatt, Jen, and Jonesy are sick. Nikki and Jude are the only two left. With nothing to do and no one to talk to, Jude follows Nikki around the mall. They bond and start feeling something...different. August 10, 2015
126 True Love? Caitlin has a crush on a guy. Jonesy has a crush on a girl. Can they help each other in time for the big mall party? August 11, 2015
127 Not So Saintly Jen Jen is going through a "rebel" stage and the whole gang gets involved in her crazy and scandalous schemes to be anything but herself. August 12, 2015
128 One Year Later: You're So Gay? Jonesy and Jude are challenged to a "gay off" and must give up girls for an entire week in favor of each other, which causes problems for Jude when Kristen decides to accept their free date. Meanwhile, Jen and Wyatt fall into "first week" dating madness. August 15, 2015
129 Epic Holiday The gang goes on a unforgettable trip to a destination they could only dream about, won by Jude. Friends & Soulmates are found and hearts are broken, meanwhile a certain life guard reminds them about the mall. August 16, 2015
130 The Girl At Lightning Round Jude, is stil trying to get over Starr or Nebula. When he skates by a male dominated store, he sees a girl working there. So after a meeting at The Lemon, Jude and Jonesy decide to check her out, and they find she might be just what the doctor ordered. August 17, 2015
131 Jude's Gone Missing Jen is forced to run around the mall looking for one of her best friends, Jude, who no one has seen all day. Will she find him? Or will she be forced to give up? August 18, 2015
132 Strange Things Happen Jonsey thinks the gang are hiding something from him, but he can't seem to get his finger on it. Each of the other gang members have something different and unusual about them, except from him. August 19, 2015
133 Nikki, Get Your Gum Jonsey sees Nikki chewing a piece of gum but he tries to get a piece of gum from her. August 22, 2015
134 Decisions Caitlin finds herself hooked on a new high class hottie, but her temporary funds don't seem like enough to please. Jude's not content with her plans one bit. September 9, 2015
135 Will the Truth Come Out? There are problems for Nikki and Jonesy when Jude starts working at the Khaki Barn. September 16, 2015
136 Will Nikki Be Okay? Nikki gets hit by a car on the road. Jonesy blames himself but what will he do? And will Nikki make it? October 31, 2015
137 Killer In The Mall A killer is around the west Gallaria mall, Caitlin hosts a sleep over, the days seem normal, but soon the gang is strained in the mall fearing for their lives as they learn there is more than one killer. November 25, 2015
138 Far Beyond the Point Jude begins to isolate himself from the gang for reasons unknown, leaving five worried and bewildered friends wondering why. This, when added on to unwanted drama that arises, results in a mess that nobody wants to take part in cleaning up. December 31, 2015
139 99 Mistakes Jude finally gets the courage to ask Caitlin out, only to see that another boy, Lewis, got to her first. At first she seems happy enough but by choosing Lewis over Jude, will she realize she's made the biggest mistake of her life? January 16, 2016
140 Never Been Kissed Jen and Jude feel left out. They've never been kissed. It doesn't help when their friends rub in the fact that they've kissed before. Jen gets upset, will Jude cheer her up? February 11, 2016
141 Hey Jude It's nearly Valentine's Day and Jude is desperate for a date - even if it means relying on a friend to get him through the day. February 12, 2016
142 Different Shade of Grey Despite his home problems Jude still manges to get by with smiles and laughter. Then one night he got kicked out, again, but this time something bad happened, and the most unlikely person was there to help him. February 25, 2016
143 Just Friends Jen and Jude have been friends for a long time, but suddenly they've been feeling some wierd emotions. Are they meant to be? Or will they just stay friends? March 3, 2016
144 Super Sweet 6teen When Jude wants a new superhero DVD, he ends up on a wild ride with the rest of the gang, involving super powers, evil villains, and one really angry Rent-A-Cop. March 10, 2016
145 Hey Jude II A Freudian slip by Wyatt might just open up a world of possibilities for his and Jude's relationship. March 30, 2016

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
53 Things I'd Never Say Nikki's figuring things out on her own, little does she know how much she'll need the gangs help. July 7, 2012
54 Road to Hell The road to hell is paved with good intentions - that is, magazine quizzes, Jonesy's advice, and Rent-a-Cop cease-and-decist orders. July 14, 2012
55 She Might Be Okay Caitlin tells how she feels about Jude, even during and after he was dating Starr. But she's afraid of the risks of telling him, and he's completely clueless....or is he? July 21, 2012
56 The Nightmare Before Christmas Jonsey has found one of his brother's maps but where it leads him and his friends isn't exactly what he and the gang expected July 28, 2012
57 The Game of Love and Hate The 6teen gang is bored, and when Caitlin suggests that they play a game from a magazine, it starts new relationships and new unwanted hatred... August 10, 2012
58 Name Burdens The gang is assigned to do a project to research their backgrounds, Wyatt meets a girl, Jen dates Talon, Nikki gets fired, Caitlin's friends with Mandy, Jonesy has to go camping, and Jude talks to the Rent-a-Cop. August 17, 2012
59 First Kisses Caitlin meets up with Jude on her walk home, and they end up talking about thier first kisses. August 24, 2012
60 Everything Sucks Jude wants someone who could bring the gang back together. He gets more than he wants when Milo Wilmott showed up. September 3, 2012
61 Can't Control True Love Caitlin and Jude start going out, but it doesn’t go good for Jude who is into someone else. Meanwhile Wyatt can’t drink anymore coffee due to his caffeine hating boss. September 4, 2012
62 Nikki's Night Of Nail Polish Nikki and Caitlin are having a sleepover together, but Nikki's being her usual grumpy self. To cheer her up, Caitlin decides to give her a makeover... whether Nikki likes it or not!
Note: This episode takes place just before the events of "Snow Job".
September 5, 2012
63 The Night To Change Lives Caitlin's parents are out of town for a selected amount of time and have agreed to let her friends stay over their home. What drama will ensue? Will romances occur? September 6, 2012
64 Miyuki Jonesy needs a hand getting Nikki back! September 7, 2012
65 Jen's Heart Jen goes through heart ache, but finds what she's looking for with the help of the others. October 8, 2012
66 The Girl and The Coffin When someone dies due to a drunk driver, Jonesy tries to comfort her sister. October 9, 2012
67 Writer's Block Nikki is having trouble with her homework assigment to spy on people and write down what they say. Meanwhile, Jude decides to become the best writer ever...which ends up being harder than he thought. October 10, 2012
68 Confusion Jonsey is confused by his feelings for Jude, maybe they aren't just friends. October 11, 2012
69 To Love is to Forgive Caitlin betrays her friends, what will she do if they don't forgive her and who will help her when they don't? Rated T to be safe and for later. October 12, 2012
70 A Dozen Roses Jen keeps on getting roses on her doorstep every morning from a secret admirer. November 24, 2012
71 Only One Chance Nikki and Jonesy get back together, Jen gets mad at Nikki, and Jonesy has a dark secret. December 21, 2012
72 When You Don't Wish Upon a Shooting Star December 29, 2012
73 Caught on Date January 26, 2013
74 Lost Control of Shoppin Caitlin shops way to much, The Gang are considerd what would happen if Caitlin keeps this up in the future, Meanwhile, Jonesy gets an Job at Pizza Place and Wyatt is still working onto Poets at Grind Me and offers Nikki's Help. January 26, 2013
75 6teen Clip Show February 1, 2013
76 6teen Viewer Mail February 8, 2013
77 Double Cross My Heart February 15, 2013
78 King Jonsey February 22, 2013

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
79 Jonsey and Nikki Down Under: Part 1 Jonesy and Nikki take a trip to Australia and they explore the Land Down Under. March 1, 2013
80 Jonsey and Nikki Down Under: Part 2 March 8, 2013
81 Memory Blank Jude gets amnesia and the gang try to restore his memory. March 15, 2013
82 Control Freaked April 8, 2013
83 Back to the Youth April 9, 2013
84 It Came From The Mall April 10, 2013
85 Mall Fools It's April Fools Day at the mall and Caitlin, Jen, and Nikki pull some April Fool pranks on the dudes. April 11, 2013
86 Forever Jonsey Jonsey gets famed. April 12, 2013
87 Attack of the Rent-a-Cop May 4, 2013
88 6teens and a Ghost: Part 1 This episode is a crossover with 6teen and Danny Phantom. May 11, 2013
89 6teens and a Ghost: Part 2 This episode is a crossover with 6teen and Danny Phantom. May 18, 2013
90 6teens and a Ghost: Part 3 This episode is a crossover with 6teen and Danny Phantom. May 25, 2013
91 Blast from the Future June 3, 2013
92 Send in the Clones June 10, 2013
93 The Big Bash June 17, 2013
94 The 6teens: Part 1 The gang decide to go on a concert. June 24, 2013
95 The 6teens: Part 2 October 4, 2013
96 Trick and Freak Halloween episode. October 11, 2013
97 Voo-Dude October 18, 2013
98 Mall Clown Caitlin becomes a clown. January 6, 2014
99 Crouching Nikki, Hidden Jonsey January 7, 2014
100 Who Framed Nikki Wong?: Part 1 100th episode of the series. January 8, 2014
101 Who Framed Nikki Wong?: Part 2 January 9, 2014
102 All Over Again January 10, 2014
103 6teen Time Rush: Part 1 The gang decide they want to go see a Big Time Rush concert. February 14, 2014
104 6teen Time Rush: Part 2 February 14, 2014

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
105 Dudes in the Band July 7, 2014
106 The Dude Who Cried Wolf July 8, 2014
107 New Piper O'Flynn July 9, 2014
108 The Big Switch Jonsey and Nikki switch lives for a day. July 10, 2014
109 The Vigil Caitlin, Jen, and Nikki participate in a vigil that involves a fair bit of commitment and quite a lot of time and in a attempt to help pass the time away and make the vigil effort more enjoyable they chew some bubblegum. July 11, 2014
110 The Dude Who Came To Dinner July 14, 2014
111 The Show Must Go On July 15, 2014
112 Wanted Dude Alive July 16, 2014
113 I Dream of Wyatt July 17, 2014
114 Robo-teen July 18, 2014
115 6teen's 10th Anniversary Special November 4, 2014
116 Time Waits For No Dude March 7, 2015
117 Where There's A Dude, There's A Way March 7, 2015
118 The Trek Cons This episode is a parody of the Star Trek series. March 7, 2015
119 6teen's Blooper Special March 7, 2015
120 I Never Meet a Dead Teen March 7, 2015
121 Lovebirds Hurt March 7, 2015
122 Blow Me One Last Kiss Caitlin shares a deep secret with Nikki. March 14, 2015
123 Dreams Come True Jonsey asks Nikki out. But then it turns out it was all a dream. March 14, 2015
124 Capture Me If You Can't March 14, 2015
125 The First Starr I See Tonight March 14, 2015
126 The Day The Mall Stood Still March 14, 2015
127 Saint Mall Day This is a Saint Patrick's Day episode. March 21, 2015
128 It's A Wonderfull Life In The Mall March 21, 2015
129 Go Young West Teen March 21, 2015
130 Just The Two Of Us March 21, 2015

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
131 Total... Drama... 6Teen?!? Jonesy as Duncan, Jude as Geoff, Nikki as Gwen, Caitlin as Lindsay, Jen as Courtney, & Wyatt as Trent visit Camp Wawanakwa. March 21, 2015
132 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Mall March 21, 2015
133 Dance to the Music March 28, 2015
134 Mall Wars March 28, 2015
135 Sences In The Mall March 28, 2015
136 To Dude or Not to Dude March 28, 2015
137 Honey, I Shrunk the Mall! March 28, 2015
138 6teen's Flicked Up Special The gang do spoofs on Fun with Dick & Jane, Love and Other Drugs, and No Strings Attached. March 28, 2015
139 Do the Right or Wrong Thing June 8, 2015
140 Born to Be Unwild June 9, 2015
141 Stranded In The Mall The mall closes with Jude, Jen, Wyatt, Caitlin, Jonsey, and Nikki trapped in it and they try to find a way out. June 10, 2015
142 The Substitute Dudette When Nikki is too sick to hang out at the mall, Starr replaces her role. June 11, 2015
143 Ain't Nothing but a Dude June 12, 2015
144 My Dude, the Hero June 12, 2015
145 It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Dude Christmas special. December 26, 2015
146 My Friendship Valentine Valentine's Day special. February 15, 2016
147 Marrlowe's New Boyfriend Marrlowe has a new boy friend named Fredrick, one of the guys in Wyatt's band and Wyatt gets upset. Meanwhile Jonsey and Nikki go on a date. February 16, 2016
148 Bad Hair Day February 17, 2016
149 Grudge Match February 18, 2016
150 TMI (Too Much Irritation) February 19, 2016
151 Metal Mania March 5, 2016
152 Starr-Crossed March 5, 2016
153 Jude the Movie Dude March 5, 2016
154 Heroes March 5, 2016
155 Unforgiven March 5, 2016
156 Stay Awake March 5, 2016

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
157 Horror Show April 1, 2016
158 Take Your Best Shot It's a showdown between Jen & Nikki who have been fighting over their favorite rock band, that is until all hell broke loose. Now it's up to Caitlin and the others to end this war and get the girls back together again. April 8, 2016
159 Caitlin's First Dance April 5, 2016
160 Dude for a Day April 22, 2016
161 Caitlin's Trust April 29, 2016
162 The Candidate May 7, 2016
163 Playing Caitlin May 14, 2016
164 Truth or Dare May 21, 2016
165 Money Walks May 28, 2016
166 All Night Long June 6, 2016
167 A Belated Birthday June 7, 2016
168 The Easy Way June 8, 2016
169 Teens & Effects June 9, 2016
170 Juliet & Her Romeo July 25, 2016
171 Dude of the Year July 26, 2016
172 All About Caitlin July 27, 2016
173 It's Duh Truth, Uh-Huh July 28, 2016
174 6teen The Movie 2 Nikki, Jen, Jonesy, Jude, Caitlin, and Wyatt discover the psyhic warrior of time that uses the devil's toybox filled with power toys to save the world so they team up with them on there adventure to save the world before time runs out. July 29, 2016
175 M-A-L-L Spells Danger March 3, 2017
176 There's Something about Jen March 10, 2017
177 Don't Forget the Lemons March 17, 2017
178 6teen does America April 3, 2017
179 Terror in the Gang April 4, 2017
180 Nikki's Vacation After all that hump-busting duty at the Khaki Barn, Nikki takes a well-deserved vacation to New Zealand. Meanwhile, Jonesy gets a job at sports galore where he puts shoes in boxes and collects them on every shelf. April 5, 2017
181 Roomer has it Jen spends time in her bedroom writing on her journal while the others plan a house party. April 6, 2017
182 A Bummer Summer April 7, 2017

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
183 Mall Brawl October 7, 2017
184 Two and a Half Maniacs October 7, 2017
185 Halder's Holiday October 14, 2017
186 Big Mistakes October 14, 2017
187 Risky Business October 21, 2017
188 Hail To The Teen October 21, 2017
189 20,000 Geeks Over the Limit October 28, 2017
190 Lost in Transition October 28, 2017
191 Jen Behind Bars January 8, 2018
192 The Galleria Sing-off January 9, 2018
193 Need for Greed January 10, 2018
194 The Expert January 11, 2018
195 Attack of the Shenanigans January 12, 2018
196 Death by Design January 15, 2018
197 Failure is an Option January 16, 2018
198 Sudden Mishaps January 17, 2018
199 And Then there were Two January 18, 2018
200 Wyatt's Lost Talent January 19, 2018
201 Out for Revenge January 22, 2018
202 Vanished January 23, 2018
203 Profanity Itself January 24, 2018
204 Rent-a-cop for a Day January 25, 2018
205 My Mom the Superstar January 26, 2018
206 The Truth Can't be Told February 2, 2018
207 Caitlin Come Home: Part 1 February 9, 2018
208 Caitlin Come Home: Part 2 February 16, 2018

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
209 6teen Disney World Special The gang travels to Walt Disney World for an experience of a lifetime. September 1, 2018
210 An Unpleasent Surprise September 1, 2018
211 Trouble with Triplets September 1, 2018
212 Journey to the End of the World September 1, 2018
213 I Accuse my Friends September 1, 2018
214 Brace Yourself September 1, 2018
215 Dude of The Living Dead 2: Part 1 This episode is a sequel to Dude of The Living Dead. October 6, 2018
216 Dude of The Living Dead 2: Part 2 October 6, 2018
217 Babysitter Blues October 6, 2018
218 Dude Feud October 6, 2018
219 Til' Death do us Part October 6, 2018
220 Jonesy See, Jonesy Do October 6, 2018
221 How Memories Fail November 3, 2018
222 Who's 6teen is it Anyway? November 3, 2018
223 The Quick and the Slick November 3, 2018
224 The Girl who couldn't Sleep One night, Nikki's sleep is disturbed by her annoying parents, but one week later she went to the mall to explain the gang what happened last night. Then Starr shows up and heard all about Nikki's sleeping problems then helps her out. November 3, 2018
225 November 3, 2018
226 A 6teen Thanksgiving November 3, 2018
227 Christmas with the Crankies December 29, 2018
228 6teen the Next Generation part 1

In a three part possibly spin-off series pilot, we a sent 22 years into the future, in this series, The 6teen gang are now married has kids of their own and they've encountered a son of their parents old nemsis.


List of 6teen Gang kids

  • Jake Cooper = Jen's Masterson son
  • Mark Lizwoski = Jude Lizowski and Caitilin Cook son
  • Vanessa Williams = Wyatt Williams Daughter 
  • Johnny and Vikki Gracia = Jonesy Gracia and Nikki Wong fraternal twins
  • Tricia is unmarried and has a son name Sid who want to be friends with the others.

  • Each Member has gotten the same job as the original gang
    • Jake: The Penalty Box
    • Mark: The Ice Rink
    • Vanessa: Underground videos (ground reopened)
    • Sid: The Lemon
    • Vikki: The Khaki Barn (and loved working there)
    • Johnny: Video Game Store (but fired 4 mintures later for knocking a shelf and making all of the game on the ground, also broke his father's record)
December 29, 2018
229 6teen the next Generation part 2/Meet The Parents

A week after Sid joined the gang, we then see all of the original 6teen gang together to celebrite the 22th annivery of the day they all worked at the mall. then they encountered their their old enemy.

List of jobs the gang has.
  • Jen: Champion snowboarder
  • Jude: Retired Skateboarder and Surfer
  • Catiltlin: Top Fashion designer
  • Wyatt: Famous Musician
  • Nikki: Top Travel Agent
  • Jonesy: Famous Hockey Player
  • Tricia: Clothing store owner.
December 29, 2018
230 Coach Halder is Arrested Coach Halder gets accused of stealing a car and goes to prison, and Jonsey and hsi friends become policemen and Policewomen to help prove that he is innocent. December 29, 2018
231 The Dance Jude, Jonsey and Wyatt aren't the only ones with girl problems. Mr. Garcia has angered Emma by giving more attention to his new satellite dish than her. Even Ron the Rent-a-Cop, Coach Halder, Tim, Movie Usher, Big Steve, Darth Mall, Hiro, Cowboy, Penalty Box Customer, Stanley, Stuart Goldstein, Wayne, Blade and Christo, Charlie Dobbs, Cory Halder, Harold, Smithy, Tattoo Muscle Guy, Ron Hughes, Sergeant Beef, Nelson, Dougray, Cillian, Bruno and Ed Loansbury. Three night later, at the night club, the music is cut and Jen makes an announcement, hoping to make up for heroes being idiots. What follows is a raunchy dance number that is performed by Jude, Jonsey, Wyatt, Ron the Rent-a-Cop, Coach Halder, Tim, Movie Usher, Big Steve, Darth Mall, Hiro, Cowboy, Penalty Box Customer, Stanley, Stuart Goldstein, Wayne, Blade and Christo, Charlie Dobbs, Cory Halder, Harold, Smithy, Tattoo Muscle Guy, Ron Hughes, Sergeant Beef, Nelson, Dougray, Cillian, Bruno and Ed Loansbury. This pleases their counterparts, and all the relationship problems are healed. December 29, 2018
232 Happy Teen Year December 29, 2018
233 Wyatt Says Goodbye?: Part 1 Wyatt has to move away to Jamaica but the teens feel worried so he decides whether to stay living in the mall or go to Jamaica. January 5, 2019
234 Wyatt Says Goodbye?: Part 2 Series Finale. The teens have a very sad goodbye party for Wyatt and a lot of people will miss him. The series finale episode ends with Wyatt on the plane and Jen, Jude, Caitlin, Jonsey, and Nikki wave goodbye to him sadly. January 12, 2019