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Take This Job and Squeeze It

Jen Masterson is a fictional character in the animated Canadian sitcom 6teen, voiced by Megan Fahlenbock.


Jen is responsible, admirable, and committed. She enjoys sports, shopping, fantasizing about boys, and planning for the future, but is also prone to nosiness and has a quick temper, traits which have led her friends to regard her as a control freak. This could suggest that Jen has a Type A Personality.


  • [Jen begins to dance, and her friends cheer. After a few seconds, however, the straps holding up her dress break, and Jen is left topless, although she doesn't immediately notice it.]
  • [Jen stops dancing, looks at her bare chest, screams, and runs into a restroom.]


  • She and Caitlin are the only ones in the group to never get fired. Jen's the only one in the group to have been continuously employed since the first episode (she hasn't changed jobs since getting her job at the Penalty Box).
  • She is the tallest female of the group.
  • Jen is a fan of the popular boy band DawgToy.
  • Jen is highly allergic to mushrooms, eating them results in her becoming violently gassy and suffering from diarrhea.
  • Jen's voice actor, Megan Fahlenbock, has also voiced Gwen from the Total Drama Series and Sam McCloud, one of the main characters' sisters, from Stoked. She and Gwen are very different, even though they share the same voice actor.
  • Jen shares many similarities with Courtney from the Total Drama series. They both are "Type A" students and are generally very ambitious and competitive. However, Jen's a lot nicer than Courtney, who became meaner over the course of the Total Drama series.
    • Coincidentally, Jen's older sister is named Courtney.
  • Jen lives with Jonesy after Jonesy's dad and Jen's mom gets married.
  • Jen is Irish Canadian.
  • Jen's counterpart is Emma from Stoked, but Emma's got more of a laid-back Type B-personality