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Coach Halder is Arrested is an episode of 6teen.


Coach Halder gets accused of stealing a car and goes to prison, and Jonsey and his friends become policemen and policewomen to help prove that he is innocent.


  • Caitlin: Okay let's go shopping.
  • Jen: (runs in) Guys! Coach has been arrested!
  • Caitlin: What? Why?
  • Jonsey: Did the feds finally find him for eating the final slice of cake?
  • Jen: Unfortunately, no. He was framed for stealing a car!
  • Caitlin: Oh no! Let's go visit him in jail.

  • Coach Halder: (during flashback) So I was sitting in my front yard, eating Bored Gum. (Bored Gum theme song is heard) Then, I went inside to get some more Bored Gum. (Bored Gum theme song is heard again) Then, there was a different car there. So I went to check it out. And there was HAM! The juiciest looking ham ever! I wanted to ask whoever owned the car how they came across such juicy ham, so I waited. And waited. And waited. Then some pharmicast came to the car. I asked him how he got such juicy ham, then, the police drove by, and that pharmicast pushed me in! And they arrested me for "stealing the car". I didn't steal it. IT WAS THE HAM! I WANTED IT!

  • Caitlin: (after getting hit with Opposite-inator) AH! LET'S RUN AND HIDE AND BE COWARDS AND EAT BLAND OATMEAL! (runs)

  • Coach Halder: Toooo boooored. (sees imaginary self)
  • Imaginary Coach Halder #1: I've got a turkey leg. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT!
  • Imaginary Coach Halder #2: I've got some fried chicken. YOU WANT IT MORE!
  • Coach Halder: GIMME IT! (starts wrestling with imaginary Coach Halders)
  • Jen: (doesn't see Imaginary Coach Halders) This is kind of awkward for me...