The Jude-Caitlin Relationship is the fanon relationship between 6teen main characters Jude Lizowski and Caitlin Cooke.


Throughout the entirety of 6teen, there have been Hint by fans that Jude and Caitlin would end up together due to the interaction with each other showing hints that they might be together


  • one quiet day:
    • Caitlin wanted Jude to pass his midterms in order for him to move to the next grade, even stopping him from getting himself sick.
    • after Jude revealed a photo of him skydiving butt naked, the guy were disgusted to see it, which Caitlin found it impressive as she seemed to like seeing Jude naked.
  • the one with the cold sore:
    • after Caitlin discovered to have a cold sore on her lip (which she referred to as her lip thingie) Jude decided to help cheer her up such as; taking her to a store to buy stuff less than a dollar, taking her on a roller coaster ride and even letting her fart.
  • the wedding Destroyer:
    • doing the dancing at the reception, Jude and Caitlin are seen dancing with each other.
    • often caitlin and jude are seen next to each other in songs/seating etc.
    • jude often looks at caitlin, hinting he may like her
    • In the ep “ A Ding from Down Under “ when Jonesy asked Jude how does he know the girl he’s into over the phone isn’t ugly,Jude responded with “No way she told me what she looked like and it sounds like she looks like Caitlin”.Caitlin nodded saying “oh she sounds super pretty then”as Jude was smiling and nodding.


  • many fans wanted Jude and Caitlin to end up together and believe the one with the cold sore might be the episode.
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