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2 years since Nikki left they are all going to college Jen and Jonesy are going to the same university thanks to a sports scholarship At the Canada and sports university jonesy's scolarship thanks to hockey and Jen's thanks to snow boarding while that Caitlin wants to apply to the fashion world university Wyatt is in search of the perfect music university and Jude hasn't plan nothing while everyone is writng their letters to theyre perfect and dream university non of them could make it so they are all sad but Jonesy got them an interview at his university while that Jen receives a phone call from Nikki telling her that she needs to go to the air port as fast as she can and to take the gang to the air port Jen knew something big was going and she and the gang went to the air port they finally arrived to the air port and Jonesy saw Nikki he couldn't believe it he decide to jump off the car and run as fast as he could and Nikki was there waiting for the gang Jonesy run and run and finally found Nikki they hug and kiss both of them where so excited the gang arrive and they all share a group hug Nikki was going to the same college and was going to stay at the school campus but Jen and Jonesy refuse to that because they won't see that much so Jen and Jonesy convinice theyre parents to let Nikki stay with them But this time Nikki will stay at the guest room but they need new jobs Jen will stay at the penalty box Caitlin at the squeez but Wyatt Jude Jonesy and Nikki need new jobs .