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This focuses more on Jen Masterson, Jonsey Garcia and Nikki Wong, and their connection with other shows.

If you watch Braceface/Stoked, this will make more sense to you!

Remember Maria Wong from Braceface (Sharon's best friend?). Note that Maria Wong is half Italian and half Chinese. Maria Wong doesn't have siblings but it is known that her mother is Italian and her father is Chinese. Could her father be the brother of Nikki Wong's father? Nikki Wong not only has the same name, and both seem to relate: both have lasting relationships, both always thinking for the better, and notably smarter.

Remember when Jen's mother (Jonsey's step-mother) gave birth to a red headed, baby girl named Emma? It may be possible that this is Emma from Stoked. Emma from Stoked is red-headed, and is revealed to have other siblings (older brothers) and a very tight connection with her mother (similar to Jen's connection with her mother). (Assume that Stoked took 16 years after 6teen). Emma and Jen are very similar: both are friendly, sporty, and always try new things (however Emma is laid back compared to Jen).